Numark X7 Pemium Club DJ Mixer

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Numark X7 Pemium Club DJ Mixer

Postby EL-Jay » Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:33 pm


Digital mixing perfection.

X7 is a four-channel, digital club DJ mixer. This groundbreaking MIDI and USB mixer is the ultimate companion to V7, the motorized DJ-software turntable controller. You can link V7s and X7 using X7’s elegant and powerful communication protocol, which enables system connection to your computer with a single USB cable. The link streams ultra high-resolution audio and control information between X7, V7s and software.

X7 contains two USB interfaces, which enables two DJs to connect computers simultaneously. This capability enables multiple DJs to perform at the same time, aids in seamless transitions between performers, and opens the door to innovative new dual-laptop-performance possibilities. X7 can even sync tempo between the two laptops.

X7 is designed specifically for clubs and contains technologies and capabilities that are designed specifically for the club. If you’re a club owner or tech, you’ll appreciate X7’s ability to lock out or limit its master-output level. You can fine-tune X7’s acoustics for your specific room with parametric equalization. And while X7 is tremendously customizable, you can also plug it in and walk away without being required to dig though setup pages.

While X7 is designed for the club, performer will love its features, function, and feel. Only the finest quality materials and build quality are found in X7. Like NS7 and V7, X7 is housed in a rugged, heavy-duty steel casing. Every switch, button, knob and fader delivers smooth, sturdy, premium performance and feel. X7 contains a complete range of powerful beat-synced effects and filters for unlimited performance.
Numark designers took extreme care in designing X7’s layout to be familiar and intuitive. Even if you’re using X7 for the first time, you will find it comfortable and self-explanatory.

X7’s four input channels enable the most advanced of DJ performances and provide sufficient flexibility for future expansions in your technique and style. X7 features premium, 24-bit audio circuitry. X7’s audio path was designed specifically to contain the minimum number of components, which results in supremely clear, crisp sound quality.

X7 breaks new ground in performance-mixing technology.

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