EL-Jay presents TranceAction 072, UrDance4u.com -2014.06.08

Uplifting Trance Radioshow periode 2009 ~ 2014 on DiscoverTrance radio.
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EL-Jay presents TranceAction 072, UrDance4u.com -2014.06.08

Postby EL-Jay » Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:10 pm

6 hours massive Uplifting Trance Promotional (138 ~ 142 bpm) Set with more tracks of the same kind selected, after the Dark start we go speed up to massive euphoric uplifting, like a running train.

EL-Jay presents TranceAction 072 XXL, UrDance4u.com -2014.06.08
01. Liam Wilson & Phil Taylor - Tressilate (Sebastian Brandt Remix)-2014-[Critical Overload]
02. Talla 2XLC - Seven (Alexander Popov Remix)-2012-[Undervise]
03. Mark Sherry vs. Dr Willis - Seismic (Evol Waves Mix)-2010-[Detox]
04. Ali Wilson - Danger (Ruff N Tuff Mix)-2010-[In Charge Recordings]
05. Talla 2XLC - The Spirits Within (Ummet Ozcan Mix)-2010-[Armada]
06. Changes - Choice (Original Mix)-2014-[Tangle]
07. John O'Callaghan - Striker (Ummet Ozcan Remix)-2010-[Armada]
08. Claudia Cazacu - Quatrain (Original Mix)-2010-[Couture]
09. Liam Wilson - You are Here (Original Mix)-2013-[Critical Overload]
10. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Earthbeat (Original Mix)-2013-[Vandit]
11. Ronald van Gelderen - Semper Fi (John O'Callaghan Remix)-2010-[ID]
12. Ron van den Beuken - Timeless (RAM & Gordon Coutts Remix)-2009-[RR]
13. Activa ft. Peetu S - Wargame (Reaky Rework)-2010-[Discover Dark]
14. Changes - Dragonborn (Original Mix)-2014-[Tangle]
15. Astrix & Simon Patterson - Shadows (Original Mix)-2014-[HOMmega]
16. Roman Messer ft. Ange - Imagination (Adam Navel's Massive Air Remix)-2014-[Suanda]
17. Frank Dattilo - Armageddon (Emanuele Congeddu Remix)-2014-[Vital Soho]
18. John Newall - Dropkick (Simon Bostock Remix)-2012-[Mental Asylum]
19. Chris Baker presents Virtue - Entity (UDM Remix)-2013-[Linger]
20. Jase Thirlwall - Whopper (Original Mix)-2012-[Discover White]
21. Jimmy Chou - Sunday Rain (Original Mix)-2013-[Critical Fusion]
22. Activa & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Long Way Back (Original Album Version)-2013-[Flux Delux]
23. Robbie Seed & Dave Shifting - Mentha (Original Mix)-2013-[Blue Soho]
24. Matias Faint - Neitherworld (Heatbeat Remix)-2010-[High Contrast Nu Breed]
25. Azima ft. Victoria Ray - Not The Same (Touchstone Dub Mix)-2014-[SpaceHorizon]
26. Perfect Vision & Demy Yorth - Baikal (Original Mix)-2013-[Silent Shore White]
27. Ram - RAMsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)-2009-[A State Of Trance]
28. Danny Oh - Revelation (O.B.M Notion Remix)-2014-[BTSR]
29. Tonny Nesse & Michael Maurice - Rush (Original Mix)-2014-[Blue Soho]
30. Emanuele Congeddu - Fable of Love (Original Mix)-2014-[Infected Identity]
31. Ico pres. Twisted Design - Cursed (TrancEye Remix)-2014-[Trancefixion]
32. Sandi Morreno - Awakening (Original Mix)-2014-[Silent Shore]
33. Nacho Chapado & Smaz ft. Sue McLaren - Between Heaven & Earth (Aly & Fila Remix)-2010-[Armada]
34. Thomas Datt - Here And Now (ft. Ben Heyworth) (Xgenic Uplifting Mix)-2014-[Discover]
35. Aly & Fila ft. Chris Jones - Running Out Of Time (Uplifting Mix)-2013-[FSOE]
36. Airborn - Virage (Amos & Riot Night Remix)-2014-[Silent Shore]
37. Azima ft. Victoria Ray - Your Way (TrancEye Dub Mix)-2013-[SpaceHorizon]
38. Matt Bukovski - Delight (Arctic Moon Remix)-2011-[Harmonic Breeze]
39. DJ Chris - Dreamers (Xenoflash Remix)-2014-[TFB]
40. Aeden - Elements (TrancEye Remix)-2013-[Pulsar]
41. Scott Lowe & Jesper Olesen - Resilence (Craig Steven Remix)-2013-[Diverted]
42. Damian Wasse - Sunset (Original Mix)-2013-[Silent Shore]
43. Ptinium - The Dark Prophet (Changes Remix)-2014-[Brain Mapping]
44. Ehsun - Totem (Original Mix)-2014-[AEZ]
45. Frank Dattilo - Hope (Original Mix)-2014-[BTSR]
46. STA ft. Nicole McKenna - I´ll Miss (Puma Scorz Remix)-2014-[AEZ]
47. Chris North - For The Moment (Original Mix)-2013-[#138]
48. Johan Ekman - Movement (Original Mix)-2014-[Diverted]
49. Damian Wasse & Manuel Le Saux - Around Heaven (Original Mix)-2013-[D.Max]
50. Deems - Tears Of Hope (Greg Downey Remix)-2012-[Discover]
51. Steve Sanders ft. MK - Sunrise (Dreamy Energetic Mix)-2013-[BTSR]
52. Aly & Fila, Susana - Without You (Original Mix)-2013-[FSOE]
53. ZiRENZ VS Ben Alonzi & Adriz - Take Me To Heaven (Mindful Innovations Remix)-2011-[Silent Shore]
54. Dreamy - Amphora(Original Mix)-2013-[Trancendental]
55. Mike van Fabio - Complicity (Dave Cold Remix)-2013-[Extrema Global]
56. Paul Vinitsky & Jane Maximova - Save Me (Milamdo Twisted Mix)-2013-[Vendace]
57. TrancEye - Suffering (Deep In My Heart) (Original Mix)-2010-[Defcon]
58. BluSkay - Eden (Hiroki Nagamine Remix)-2014-[BTSR]
59. Mostfa & Mostfa - Moments and Memories (Original Mix)-2014-[AEZ]
60. Dreamy - Why Don't You See (Energetic Mix)-2014-[Trancefixtion]

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