EL-Jay - TranceAction 086 (EL-Jay 59 on earth) 2015.03.10

Uplifting Trance Radioshow periode 2009 ~ 2014 on DiscoverTrance radio.
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EL-Jay - TranceAction 086 (EL-Jay 59 on earth) 2015.03.10

Postby EL-Jay » Mon Mar 09, 2015 7:46 pm

OK, years are counting, 59 years YOUNG, no reason to retire, I feel that there is still more to go. Still looking for challenges, trance to further develop its substyles. With this set, I want to let everyone know that I'm not quenched. The older the crazier, I still like it, never too old to feel your own tasty young trance music and share it with the fans worldwide.

Over 4 hours banging set, we start with massive Uplifting Trance, following in the set we are increasingly rougher, wilder, darker, extreme, my thing to do, I would not care less who like it, I feel happy and satisfied with it.

Who has a birthday treat, this is my gift to you. My thanks for so many years loyal support, no more talk, let cozy experience set in the manner how I got this mixed, there enjoy!

EL-Jay 59 years on Earth (TranceAction 086), Thunderdome, let the world know I'm still banging -2015.03.10
01. Roman Messer ft. Ange - Imagination (Adam Navel's Massive Air Dub)-2014-[Suanda]
02. Manuel Rocca - Inmenso (Original Mix)-2012-[Silent Shore White]
03. Playme - Air Flow (Original Emotional Mix)-2015-[Digital Euphoria]
04. Hamza Khammessi - Back From Tomorrow (Volmax Remix)-2014-[D.MAX Deep]
05. Sava - The Journey (Dreamy Remix)-2014-[Veritas]
06. Reconceal & Andy Blueman - The World To Come (Reconceal Mix)-[Perceptive]
07. Colonial One ft. Simon Latham - Freedom (Ultimate Remix)-2014-[Infrasonic]
08. Conrad Winged & Ascania - Lighthouse (Matt Bukovski Remix)-2011-[Infected Indentity]
09. TrancEye - Jaguar (Original Mix)-2015-[Diverted]
10. Neev Kennedy with Adrian&Raz - This Heart is Yours (Philippe El Sisi Remix)-2012-[Amsterdam Trance]
11. UCast - Vavula (Original Mix)-2014-[Unique Sense]
12. Albert Vorne - A Leaden Way (M.I.K.E. Mix)-2004-[Promo Only UK]
13. Zutt Muziker - Back In The Days (Original Mix)-2013-[TFB]
14. Bryan Kearney pres. Karney - Backbreaker (Colin James & Indecent Noise Remix)-2011-[Kearnage]
15. Alpha Duo ft. Julie Harrington - Believe In Me (Dave Cold DubTech Remix)-2014-[D.MAX]
16. John Askew - Bored of You, Bored of Me (Johan Ekman 'Heard You Like 303' Remix)-2014-[Discover]
17. Jaden Merrick - Bounce (Original Mix)-2012-[Defcon]
18. DJ Ives M & DJ T.H. - Yanti For You (Ikerya Project Remix)-2013-[Muziek Colours]
19. Gareth Weston - Drop Bear (Original Mix)-2014-[Extrema]
20. Giuseppe Ottaviani ft. Alana Aldea - Heal This Empty Heart (John O'Callaghan Remix)-2014-[Black Hole]
21. Skyborn - Indigo (Original Mix)-2014-[Critical State]
22. Paul Denton - MaDMan (Original Mix)-2013-[Defcon]
23. Allan McLuhan - Midnight Thoughts (Original Mix)-2011-[Emphase]
24. Bryan Kearney - More To Life (Origin Cold Razor Remix)-2014-[Discover Dark]
24a. Chapter ---------- Zoidiva ft. the Bangingzone (142+ bpm zone) --------
25. Jase Thirlwall - Slam (Original Mix)-2012-[Discover White]
26. Phil York vs. BRK3 - Traffic (Original Mix)-2010-[Tranzlation]
27. Aly & Fila - Tula (A & Z Remix)-2014-[Armada]
28. Liam Wilson - Adventures In Stereo (Proyal Remix)-2014-[Discover White]
29. Ashmawi - Auralize (Stephen Badey? Remix)-2014-[BTSR]
30. Bryan Kearney - Balls To The Wall (Allan Morrow Remix)-2015-[Kearnage]
31. Mark Leanings - Dropshot (Bryan Kearneys Step Aside Lad Remix)-2011-[Kearnage]
32. Alexey Ryasnyansky - Energy Lifting (Original Mix)-2013-[Terminal 01]
33. DJ T.H. - Haunting (Darren Porter Remix)-2015-[Critical State]
34. John Newall - Never Say Never (Original Mix)-2014-[Critical State]
35. TrancEye - On The Edge (Original Mix)-2014-[TFB]
36. Alex Blest pres Soundbreeze - The Dark Side (Avenger Remix)-2014-[Solid Black]
37. Monroe Ramirez - Infected Brain (Original Mix)-2013-[Pharmacy Music]
38. Fergie & Sadrian - Traitor Eye (Paula Lotero_'s Corrosive Mix)-2011-[Only Trance]
39. Ikerya Project - Morning Exercise (Autocinema Remix)-2014-[Critical Overload]
40. Stew Ewens & Louk - Bad Habit (The Sixth Sense Remix)-2010-[Reality Bites Germany]
41. Montorsi vs. Tim Hidgem - Love Me (Original 2004)-[United Styles]
42. Stana - Sedsexa (Original Mix)-2011-[iHDS]
43. Gatty - Sense Stimulator (Original Mix)-2009-[Therabyte]
44. Kidd Kaos - Exit 9 (Original Mix)-2010-[Masif]
45. DJ Tom-X vs Warmduscher - Cocaine 2k9 (Andrea Montorsi Remix)-2009-[Smog Germany]
46. Raytheon - Blade Run (Original Mix)-2012-[Pulsar]

Disclaimer: All used digital music sent by/received from promo mails remains the property of the copyright owner.

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