EL-Jay presents This is Uplifting Psy Trance 009 -2015.01.11

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EL-Jay presents This is Uplifting Psy Trance 009 -2015.01.11

Postby EL-Jay » Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:38 am

Ur Uplifting 2 hours set trip in outher space Uplifting Psychedelic journey
In this episode we build up smoothly from Dark Goa into massive Uplifting Psy Trance

EL-Jay presents This is Uplifting Psy Trance 008, UrDance4u.com -2014.12.13
01. Ritree - What Comes Next (Original Mix)-2014-[Iboga]
02. Curtis Young - Activation (Original Mix)-2014-[D.Max]
03. Matt Skyer - Another Time (Original Mix)-2015-[Critical Overload]
04. Ilai - 3D Mode (Original Mix)-2014-[Iono]
05. Helber Gun - Kukulkán (3D-Ghost Remix)-2014-[On Music]
06. Atacama - Soul Strip (Original Mix)-2014-[Solar Tech]
07. Deedrah - Sun For The World (Original Mix)-2014-[United Beats]
08. Yahel - Automatic (Didra & 1024KB Remix)-2014-[Fineplay]
09. Killerwatts & Waio - Wake Up (Symbolic Remix)-2014-[Nano]
10. Magnus - 2nd Born (Jirah Remix)-2014-[Borderline]
11. Flexus - Magnetic Field (Opposite8 Remix)-2014-[Iono Music]
12. Atacama - Cycle Of Existence (Original Mix)-2015-[Solar Tech]
13. Tripy - When You Visualise (Original Mix)-2014-[Joof]
14. Sub6 - Droid Save The Queen (Zyce Remix)-2014-[TesseracTstudio]
15. Didra & 1024KB - Swing It (Original Mix)-2014-[Fineplay]
16. Ovnimoon, Middle Mode - Izolan (Hypnoise Remix)-2014-[Antu]
17. Champa & Profound - See The Colours (Original Mix)-2014-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
18. Iliuchina & Abomination - Addicts (Original Mix)-2014-[Mechanik]
19. Wired & Shuumat - Gone Viral (Original Mix)-2015-[MMDlife]
20. Dohm - 5HTP (Original Mix)-2014-[Forest Freaks]

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Re: EL-Jay presents This is Uplifting Psy Trance 009 -2015.0

Postby LandiTrance » Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:49 am

I haven't listen this set before, i'm downloading it now, and let you know how much i'm enjoy it.
Thank you.

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