EL-Jay pres. Ur Ambient, Chill-out & Relax 005 -2015.07.14

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EL-Jay pres. Ur Ambient, Chill-out & Relax 005 -2015.07.14

Postby EL-Jay » Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:47 pm

The moment for peace, reflexing yourself, deeper thoughts about life, healing ur soul,
inspirations, romances, spiritual feelings on this beautiful Promoset. In this episode
90 minutes Spiritual Orchestral Ambient, Chill-out, Relax, Eastern effects, Dream Trance. Take a seat and relax

EL-Jay presents Ur Ambient, Chill-out & Relax 005, UrDance4u.com -2015.07.14
01. Afternova - True Friends (Original Mix)-2015-[Abora Symphonic]
02. Afternova - Until We Meet Again (Original Mix)-2015-[Abora Symphonic]
03. Ryan Farish - Sky Full of Stars (Original Mix)-2015-[Rytone Entertainment]
04. DJ Observer ft. ZFRMX - United (Acoustic Version)-2014-[Navida]
05. Southern Fraiz ft. Irena Love - Afterclouds (Adam Alonso's Cinematic Mix)-2011-[TAR]
06. Gerry Cueto - Route 99 (Ambient Mix)-2010-[Aco Music]
07. Ryan Farish - Rise Like the Sun (Original Mix)-2015-[Rytone Entertainment]
08. Sephira - The Blue Magnetic (Original Mix)-2014-[BMSS]
09. Dim Line - To the Stars (Original Mix)-2015-[Abora Chillout]
10. Chamras Saewataporn - Gras Flower (Original Mix)
11. Philler Music - A Long Journey (4 Seas Breakdown)-2014-[Trancer]
12. Playme - Euphoric Air (Bart Panco Piano Mix)-2014-[Abora]
13. Chamras Saewataporn - Destination (Original Mix)
14. Type 41 - Lore Master (Orchestral Mix)-2015-[Abora]
15. Chamras Saewataporn - Sea Field (Original Mix)
16. Marcin Przybylski - Desert Winds (Original Mix)-2015-[Abora Chillout]
17. Alessandro Rescio – Search For Jupiter -2014-[Tales From The Inside]
18. Erida ft. Eva Kade - Exosphere (MSK Chillout Mix)-2014-[SSR]
19. Ralph Lundsten - Paradise (Original Mix)
20. Arrakeen - Finding Freedom (Orchestral Instrumental Mix)-2015-[BPM]
21. Libra - Calling Your Name (Solarstone chill out remix)
22. Y-Traxx - Mysteryland (Moonwatchers Remix)
23. Balearia - Anatolia (Original Mix)-2013-[Abora Chillout]
24. Ahmed Romel - Prism (Breakdown)-2014-[Blue Soho] (EL-Jay Long Edit)
25. Ahmed Romel & Hazem Beltagui - Nihavent (Breakdown)-2014-[Blue Soho] (EL-Jay Long Edit)

Disclaimer: All used digital music sent by/received from promo mails remains the property of the copyright owner.

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