EL-Jay presents PsyStoned 101, DI.fm -2017.09.17

Weekly on sunday with newest Progressive Psy, Psytrance & Goa and young pearls of the past on DI.fm Goa-Psy Trance Channel 20:00 ~ 22:00 CET / 2.pm EST
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EL-Jay presents PsyStoned 101, DI.fm -2017.09.17

Postby EL-Jay » Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:23 pm

Ur Weekly 2 hours set trip in outher space Uplifting Psychedelic journey.
In this episode the fourth of six holiday journey's, we start in high danceable progressive psy upbuilding to massive psy trance and goa.

EL-Jay presents PsyStoned 101, DI.fm Goa-Psy Trance Channel -2017.09.17 (EL-Jay's Holiday Trip 5/6)
01. E-Clip - Asia Tribe (In the Box vol6)-2016-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
02. Norma Project & Orthoplex - I Believe (EP Blow Your Mind)-2015-[Spiral Trax]
03. Atomizers - Levels of Consciousness (Original Mix)-2016-[Iono Music]
04. Atacama - Innervisions (Original Mix)-2014-[Solar Tech]
05. Ovnimoon - Sacred Earth (E-Clip Remix) (Album_Geometric Poetry - The Remixes)-2011-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
06. Side Effects & Timeless - Alien Invasion (Original Mix)-2013-[Iono Music]
07. Invisible Reality - Inner Self (VA-Goa31)-2016-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
08. Side Effects - Feelings (Original Mix) (Album Package)-2016-[Iono Music]
09. GeneTrick - Perception Disorder (Modus Remix)-2015-[Synergetic]
10. One Function vs. Parallel Dimension - Seems Like A Dream (VA-Goa31)-2016-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
11. BrightLight - What Are You Looking For (Original Mix)-2015-[Tip]
12. Ascent, Nature - Hobeeyaa (Album Jikukan vol. 3 - The Space-Time Barrier)-2016-[Ovnimoon]
13. Astrix & Captain Hook - Bungee Jump (Protonica Remix)-2015-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
14. Yestermorrow - Cosmic Context (Original Mix)-2015-[Sourcecode]
15. Atacama - Cycle Of Existence (Original Mix)-2015-[Solar Tech]
16. Sub6 - Droid Save The Queen (Zyce Remix)-2014-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
17. Electit - Vibrations (Album_Universal Language)-2017-[Spiral Trax]
18. Shogan - Mind Pulse (Pulsar Remix, Album_Goa Sun Vol.9)-2017-[Goa]
19. Roger Rabbit - Single Snapshot (Original Mix)-2014-[Iono Music]
20. Champa vs. Profound - See The Colours (Goa vol52 SE)-2014-[Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
21. Static Illusion - Mind Keepers (Original Mix)-2015-[Joof]
22. Champa - The Messiah (Original Mix)-2013-[Headroom Productions]
23. Kundalini - Destination Threshold (Astro-D Remix)-2016-[Pharmacy Music]

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