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EL-Jay presents PsyStoned 146, -2018.07.29

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:13 pm
by EL-Jay
Ur Weekly 2 hours set trip in outher space Uplifting Psychedelic journey.
In this episode, the first track presents what 2 expect in
whole set psybeats in 144 ~ 154 bpm journey!

EL-Jay presents PsyStoned 146, Goa-Psy Trance Channel -2018.07.29
01. Lyktum - Nirvana Reach (SP)-2018-[Iono Music]
02. Mental Control - Universe (EP)-2016-[Digital Om]
03. Mandala - Revelation (VA - Keep It Psychedelic LP)-2017-[Nano]
04. Moaiact - Revolution (VA – GoaSun vol.8 (LP)-2016-[Goa]
05. Open Tribe - Life's Good (Boom Operator (LP)-2018-[Enterrec]
06. Avalon, Burn In Noise ft. Raja Ram - The Dance Temple (Laughing Buddha remix, The Dance Temple Remixes (EP)-2018-[Nano]
07. Earthspace & Burn In Noise - Off To The Moon (As Above So Below (LP)-2017-[Nano]
08. Killerwatts - Hooked (Edge of Time (LP)-2017-[Nano]
09. Antaluk - Phase transformation (VA - Universal Reality vol.1 (LP)-2018-[Reson8 Music]
10. Ultravoice - Dark Side (Psynina remix, VA – Psytrance Proclear (LP)-2012-[Planet B.E.N.]
11. Egoflame - Breath of Life (VA – Mysteries of Psytrance vol.6 (LP)-2017-[Ovnimoon]
12. Predators - Discovering and Witnessing (VA - Heart of Goa vol.2 (LP)-2014-[Ovnimoon]
13. Shiva Om - Druids Circle (Arcane Mysticism (LP)-2014-[Visionary Shamanics]
14. Dickster & Hypnocoustics - Low Rider (Low Rider EP)-2017-[Nano]
15. Hotep - Magic Herb (VA - Digital Yonkies (LP)-2013-[Ovnimoon]
16. Sychodelicious - Cry (Brain Control (LP)-2015-[Geomagnetic]
17. Braincell - Paekariki (Travel Bubble (EP)-2018-[Nano]
18. Boshaft - Electrical Discharge (Unexplained Structures (EP)-2018-[Geomagnetic]
19. 01-N - Ruin (Freak Frequency (LP)-2018-[Hi-Trip]
20. Sprocket - Elasticity (Blue Sangoma Sounds (LP)-2014-[Blue Hour]

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PsyStoned is a weekly 2 hours non-stop interactive Psychedelic Trance radioshow with following tracklist by EL-Jay, every sunday at Goa-Psy Trance Channel, bringing the newest tunes in balance with the pearls of the past close in same sound, sponsord by promolists of Iono, Nano, TechSafari, Pharmacy, Enterrec, Reson8, Ovnimoon, Geomagnetic, Parabola, Hi-Trip, PsyTribe, Spiral Trax, Timewarp, Goa, Digital Drugs Coalition, Ohm Ganesh Pro, Sting, Joof, Unique Sound, Gert Sound, Critical Overload, Edge Vision.