Summer Solstice 2016 event guestset 2016.06.26

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Summer Solstice 2016 event guestset 2016.06.26

Postby EL-Jay » Mon Jun 06, 2016 4:44 pm

My guesset at the Psy Goa Channel Event. Expect full 2016 releases set from the labels who send me the promos.

:arrow: Following tracklist at the event page: :idea:

EL-Jay presents Summer Solstice 2016 event set, Goa Psy-Trance Channel 2016.06.26
01. Ender & MorBeat - Imminent Anarchy (Album, Keys To The Eschaton)-2016-[N-Joi Music]
02. 2Komplex - Trek Trip (Original Mix)-2016-[Pharmacy Music]
03. Mindwave - Recall (Original Mix)-2016-[Iono Music]
04. Odiseo - Sound Traveller (Kessler Remix)-2016-[Pharmacy Music]
05. Side Effects - Treasure Map (Original Mix) (Album Package)-2016-[Iono Music]
06. Creative - Dissolved Mind (Original Mix)-2016-[Critical Overload]
07. JP Bates - Cabin Fever (That Mix)-2016-[Discover]
08. Christopher Lawrence & Fergie & Sadrian - Livewire (Danny JW Remix)-2016-[Pharmacy Music]
09. Black Marvin - Warzone (Original Mix)-2016-[Pharmacy Music]
10. Pablo Schugt - Infected (Original Mix)-2016-[Pharmacy Music]
11. M.I.K.E. Push - Quadrant (Moon Tripper Remix)-2016-[JOOF]
12. Sequence - Ten (Original Mix)-2016-[Pharmacy Music]
13. Robert Vadney - Broken Home (Guitar Mix)-2016-[Edge Vision]
14. Harmonic Rush & Asteria - Joanne In Wonderland (Original Mix)-2016-[Critical Overload]
15. Tim Bourne - Le Catedral (Original Mix)-2016-[Pharmacy Plus]
16. Sonic Entity - Cph4 (Original Mix)-2016-[Iono Music]
17. One Function - Time Space (Original Mix)-2016-[Iono Music]
18. Side Effects - Blackhole (Original Mix) (Album Package)-2016-[Iono Music]
19. tinY - Stargazer (Tektrix Remix)-2016-[Pharmacy Music]
20. E-Clip - Trivial (Original Mix)-2016-[Iono Music]
21. Kessler & DSP & Han Solo - Awakening Kundalini (Original Mix)-2016-[Pharmacy Music]
22. Kundalini - Destination Threshold (Astro-D Remix)-2016-[Pharmacy Music]

Disclaimer: All used digital music sent by/received from promo mails remains the property of the copyright owner.

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