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EL-Jay Bio (update october 2010)

Postby EL-Jay » Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:42 am


EL-Jay’s name stands for L.J. (Lucas Josef).. born in Velsen-Zuid on the coast near Amsterdam on March 10, 1956. EL-Jay has been DJ-ing for 41 year, not continious but he was always’s fighting to get gigs.
EL-Jay's inital style of music was found in Black-Music and Drive-in-discotheek in the early eighties with Soul, Disco, Funk and Groove.. "a matter of fade in, fade out.." with voice-overs. In present time, EL-Jay still an all eater of Progressive & Trance Styles.

At the age of 12th he started orginazing with friends school-parties, back in the days of 45 inch vinyl, The Beatles, The Who, The Rollingstones and the old radio’s like the Telefunke, Philips or the Blaupunkt . Luc’s DJ carreer was started and has never looked back.
The smaller schoolparties grew into more substabtial local events in the late 1970's so bought a old Ford Transit (without any driving license!) and was running his drive-in-disco. Near the disco he also started a underground-music concept covering genre’s like Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Mike Oldfield, Rory Callagher, A further 10 years down the line, Luc music progressed further into Rock, Underground and Blues-Rock and is now loving EDM in the form Progressive, Trance, Hard-Trance and Techno.

EL-Jay found his heart in Progressive EDM after he met Jimmy van M on a party in Club Kremlin (Amsterdam). He loves Trance but plays Progressive. After visiting the Awakenings parties he started to love Techno. In late 2004, Luc was contracted on a German Fetish Scene and became resident on 6 club’s in Germany, every 6 weeks another club.. playing Progressive with Techno themes.

Another earlier passion of EL-Jay's, was his online presence: 'Brd-Rec'. Starting from 2000 recording radio Dance live-sets at Dutch FM Radio.. as at the time slam.fm were the only people in Holland that were picking up these broadcasts, later ID&T Radio also began to pick up these type of events along with 3Fm (JayDee & Robert Albers) with Radio 538, with van Diepens Dance Department. In the East of the Netherlands he got also was able to receive the German station 'Einslife' which boasts good Dance music on saturday. Then came the time of the internet broadcasters such as Di.fm. As Brd-Rec, EL-Jay joined moderating at http://www.URTranceZone till end of 2008. Who has not a set, recorded by Brd-Rec on his computer?

In 2002, Luc starts his non-profit dance event organisation, with DJ GrandPa_JoaH, but after one year they split, Luc continuing it to a succesfull high covering 64 Dance parties untill 2006 in the East of the Netherlands. 350 upcoming and new DJ’s where contracted by the TYP_DC covering Progressive, Tribal, Techno, Trance and Hardstyle.

Changing Styles:
In 2010, EL-Jay switched styles and did stop the Progressive & House Styles, to concentrating Uplifting Trance Styles in making mixes for streams with popular Trance radioshows at http://www.DI.fm, http://www.Trance.fm, http://www.DiscoverTrance.com, http://www.TRANCESONIC.FM, http://www.PureSound.fm, http://www.Party107.fm (Regarly UNLiMiTED FRiDAY Guestsets) and still loves to visit small club's to listen to the basic Blues or Rock-Blues.

3 Steps Forwards:
"In 2006 by re-start of Trance DJ-ing (Had to learn DJ-ing again after stop the vinyl mixing) made targets to work for. One of them reached in september 2010:
Own Radioshow on DI.fm Trance Channel, the "Champions Laguae" of Internet-DJ-mixing. I talked 3 years with DI.fm, patience and working forwards, be active in promoting your self and be social to others in the scene, did reached that target and DI.fm asked me to transfer the popular TranceStoned radioshow from Trance.fm to DI.fm. Well ofcaurse I was pleased with it, 3 steps forwards in your carreer, but... I made a lot of friends at Trance.fm and won't not leave them. Problems of some amateur issues at Pure.fm did decide me to stop complete with Pure.fm, and on that way my other popular Tranced Emotion.. could transfer to trance.fm as weekly show.
Work with professionals is very, very importand for your carreer to keep the steps forwards, and was pleased aswell to join after 1,5 year talking with DiscoverTrance, to go alternating with Dave Deen's show: DiscoverTrance Radioshow on primetime saturday's with a new show: TranceAction with own unique style who fit perfectly between Tranced Emotion and TranceStoned as third Uplifting Trance Radioshow."

Another issue are the live gigs. " I don't have on the moment an agency for bookings etc. There are some physical issues to go live gigs. I did stop them in 2006 after to much backache (discuss L4, L5). Its not possible to stay continious behind the CDJ players (have at home same problem). The modern Software DJ-ing, midicontroler & laptop, sitting in a good chair can resolve that issue. I'm a bit invalid, but club's who accept that, will get me, 2-3 hours are no problems.
For going Live-gigs I need a professional Agency and I need permission of my health insurence (UWV) coverment.. but I learned... some day, all comes together and I go for it! ".

Producing, Uplifting Trance:
I'm producing some progressive (secret) works for others, not under my own name.
At Spring of 2011 will do some invests to start producing in Uplifting (Tech)Trance, Psy and Hardbeats.
First for my own shows, and by succes will search some labels for releas works.

EL-Jay -"As you may think from this bio, wow he did alot, I feel there is still more to give!!!"

Most friday's, you will found EL-Jay, trucking on Dutch & Belgium roads

EL-Jay on his friday dutie

Written by:Ian (Toma) Thompson, updated by EL-Jay

Website: http://www.UrDance4u.com
email: UrDance4u.com@home.nl

Hyves: http://el-jay-luc.hyves.nl/
Partyflock: http://partyflock.nl/user/1151429:EL_Jay.html

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