EL-Jay pres. Guestset 4 Trance is Love, Kozmik.fm 2013.09.11

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EL-Jay pres. Guestset 4 Trance is Love, Kozmik.fm 2013.09.11

Postby EL-Jay » Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:23 am

My massive Uplifting Trance guestmix for Kozmik.fm incl. newest tunes & youngest releases

EL-Jay pres. Guestset for Trance is Love, Kozmik.fm -2013.09.11
00. EL-Jay ft. Adryann - Rise Of Spartacus - Intro Mix (Guestmix neutral intro)-2011-[CDR]
01. Miroslav Vrlik - Northern Glacier (Photographer Remix (EL-Jay edit))-2013-[Critical Fusion]
02. Damian Wasse - Sunset (Original Mix)-2013-[Silent Shore]
03. TrancEye - In The Air (Original Mix (EL-Jay edit))-2013-[Redux]
04. Sunflare - Breaking Waves (Hiroki Nagamine Remix)-2013-[AEZ]
05. Swilow & Diamans feat. Daniel Rise - Amsterdam 6 A.M (Original Mix)-2013-[Silent Shore]
06. Alex Ender & Alter Future - Egyptian Euphoria (Original Mix)-2013-[Silent Shore]
07. Rene Ablaze & Charles Mcthorn - Purple (Johan Ekman Remix)-2013-[Redux]
08. Touchstone - Elevate (Etasonic Remix (EL-Jay edit))-2013-[Entrance Music]
09. Many Artists - Vampire Never Dance (Otto Uplifting Mashup)-2013-[CDR]
10. Allen & Envy - Fire Glow (Filip Marak Remix)-2013-[Vibrate Sounds]
11. G8 pres. Changes - Caterpillar (Original Mix)-2013-[Solid Black]

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