EL-Jay pres. 4 Magik Trance Latin America, Yearmix 2013

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EL-Jay pres. 4 Magik Trance Latin America, Yearmix 2013

Postby EL-Jay » Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:39 pm

My massive Uplifting with Tech Yearmix for Magik Trance Latin America End Year Event 2013

EL-Jay pres.4 Magik Trance Latin America, Mad Medley Yearmix -2013.12.31
01. Johann Stone - White Walkers (Steve Morley Remix)-2013-[Discover Dark]
02. Undercontrol - Song of the Whale (French Skies Remix)-2013-[TFB]
03. Aspir - Clouds Float Away (Original Mix)-2013-[Nile Tunes]
04. Ahmed Romel & Tonny Nesse - Alva (Original Mix)-2013-[Blue Soho]
05. French Skies - Across The World (Original Mix)-2013-[Pulsar]
06. Orion's Dawn - Always Be There (Jonathan Carvajal Remix)-2013-[Trancefixion]
07. Vlind - Psykinetic (Original Mix)-2013-[Discover Digital]
08. Active Limbic System & Chris Voro - Compensation Neurosis (Monroe Ramirez Remix)-2013-[Solid Black]
09. Zutt Muziker - Back in the Days (Carlos Martz Remix)-2013-[TFB]
10. Brian Flinn & Chris Voro - Lick the Knife (Tech Mix)-2013-[Critical State]
11. French Skies & Stephane Badey - Imperium (French Skies Mix)-2013-[Pharmacy]
12. Casey Rasch - Go (Original Mix)-2013-[Pharmacy]
13. Liam Wilson & Will Atkinson - The Hurricane (Original UA Edit)-2013-[Flux Delux]
14. Monroe Ramirez - Infected Brain (Original Mix)-2013-[Pharmacy]
15. Talla 2XLC feat. Skye - Rise (Photographer Dub Remix)-2013-[Tetsuo]

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