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UrDance4u forum: locked for postings, set downloads free

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:11 pm
by EL-Jay
Since October 2012, the forum frequently used by sick people from China to unsolicited advertisements (SPAM of illegal or fake stuff) on the forum, and this is absolutely not allowed. Some day's I had to remove 40 posts and ip-ban same. Problem of these sick China idiots, they have various IP's. That's why I like as the website owner decided to lock. Only moderators and Resident DJs can make new posts.
Visitors can still download the sets.

How to download the set?
Choose the Image server link,
when a player is on your browser, use the 'pause/break/stop' button
click with your right button mouse on the player, choose option: 'save audio as', and the download will start!

Go publice IP's of spammers:
this was from one day.... :(

Signatures are also locked